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"I recently had an issue that required a root canal. Dr. Vanourny rearranged his schedule to examine my tooth promptly, and then made arrangements for my treatment. Since I was leaving for vacation in a little over a week, Dr. Vanourny was very helpful in taking care of my problem quickly."


"In spite of my fear of dental work, The Doc was great!  However, I'm going to rave about Lindsay.  She's my hero!  She gave me a noticeably brighter smile and all my gum pain is gone.  Still need an extraction but we'll have to man up and just get 'er done."


"Dr. Vanourny is FANTASTIC!  He is very friendly, thorough in explaining procedures, answering any questions I had, and making sure I was comfortable.  The staff is always personable, caring, and very efficient.  I will definitely be back and refer all my friends!"  


"Dr. Vanourny has been my dentist for many years and not only do I have tremendous appreciation for his practical skills but I've also developed a high degree of trust in his professionalism.  He takes the time to explain his findings in a way that is easy to understand and makes the extra effort to get to know me personally as well.  Dr. Vanourny has helped me understand how to keep my teeth and gums healthy, they look and feel great, and I can't speak enough to how comforting it is to have a dentist who's fully engaged in my well-being.  I truthfully look forward to our visits and I'll continue recommending him to all of my friends and family!"


"I've been seeing Dr. Vanourny for all my dental care needs for several years. His ability to help me understand how to best take care of my teeth and gums parallels his high aptitude for professional dental care.  I am able to rely on his knowledge and experience and felt comfortable discussing the best course of action for my dental care with him.  I feel that he is invested in my oral health and genuinely cares about providing a high level of service.  It is clear that Dr. Vanourny is a dentist that is interested in establishing long term dental care relationships with his patients and I will continue to recommend his services."


"Best cleaning I have ever had. Thank you!"


"The staff is very warm and friendly, they also make sure you understand all procedures, including billing, before you leave the office. This is a 10 times upgrade from my previous dentist!"


"Very friendly atmosphere!"


"I was very pleased with my first office visit at your office and with the staff.  I will definitely recommend you to others."


"Knowledgable Dentist + Friendly Staff = Great Experiance!"


"Fantastic dental experience.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.  Great people""


"So glad I found you guys!"


"I had a very good experience and would recommend this doctor to my family and friends!"


"I couldn't be happier with Dr. Vanourny, Rachel and Lindsay.  No one likes going to the dentist, but their friendliness and professionalism make the experience a really positive one.  I would recommend Dr. Vanourny to anyone."


"Excellent care provided.  Love the new office and state of the art equipment.  Great team you have here at CV.  All staff are very friendly."


"First class experience - thanks!"


"Thanks for a great visit.  I will definitely be recommending your office to my friends and co-workers. :)"


"The entire staff was good!!!  Any chance to refer someone...I will!"


"I'm so glad I decided to be open-minded and try a new dentist.  Dr Vanourny and his staff are both professional and compassionate.  The prices are good and I'll definitely be coming back!"